OK Card for International Call

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Before you forget that warmth! Spend time with your loved ones international calls at reasonable rates!

  • OK cardFlat rate 24 hours a day
  • Easy to call!
  • OK Card provides you high sound quality at low cost!

How to Place a Call

0037608+Country Code+Area Code+Telephone Number

Steps after Application


Application complete


Free delivery of OK Card within 5 days

Step3 Step4

Initial telephone number registration

Just dial (186) 03-4590-2008 and follow the instructions.


Apply for Direct Dialing International Calls Send Inquiry Form by Email

Usage of OK Card

OK Cards can by used from ordinary telephones, mobile phones, and public telephones nationwide.

Charge your calling balance anytime 24 hours a day

Make your calling fee payment at a nearby convenience store, then you can make the call at once.

Telephone number registration feature

Register caller's number at initial usage, and registration from next time is not required.
(It is also possible to register several telephone numbers)

Easy to place international calls

Easy speed dialing can be processed by registering the overseas telephone number you are calling.

Customers using phone services other than NTT

If you are using Hikari Denwa, Metal Plus, or Otoku Line, please dial the following number.

For customers using Hikari Denwa, Metal Plus, or Otoku Line

03-4590-2000+Country Code+Area Code+Telephone Number


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