OK Card for International Call

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  • Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Objective)

The "OK Card" terms of use, terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use") are referred to as the "OK Card" (hereinafter referred to as the "This Card") sold by Asian Net Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").

Article 2 (Rule)

1. The prepaid telephone service for the subject card will be provided based on the Company's "Prepaid telephone service contract terms and conditions" (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms and Conditions") and terms of use. If there is a conflict between the terms of use and the terms of the agreement, the terms of use prevail.

2. We may change the terms of use. The terms of use of the card will be depends on the terms of use after if there are any changes in terms of use.

Article 3 (Definition of terms)

Definitions of terms used in the Terms of Use are as defined in the Terms and Conditions except those defined in the Terms of Use.

Article 4 (Prepaid Telephone Service Area)

The provision area of prepaid telephone service for the card provided by our company is the country or region specified in the area and price list of all over Japan.

Article 5 (Charge)

Charges for prepaid telephone service are depends and defined in the call charges and price list.

Article 6 (Restriction by Terminal Equipment etc.)

Calls made with this card may be restricted, depending on the type of terminal equipment, access line, etc.

Article 7 (Disclaimer in Communication Failure)

1. Depending on the conditions of the communication network in the vicinity used bythe customer. Even if the customer are not able to use the OK CARD properly due to a temporary deterioration of the sound quality of the telephone using the OK CARD, we do not take any responsibility for damage caused to customers by this.

2. At the facilities of a telecommunications carrier or other carrier that we use to provide the OK Card to our customers, even when the customer can not use the OK CARD properly due to the occurrence of a failure not caused by our company's responsibility, we do not take any responsibility for damage caused to customers by this. If this situation occurs, we urge our partner companies to repair them promptly.

3. OK Card does not completely guarantee the security of the call.

Article 8 (Disclaimer, Unsecured Special regulation)

1. We do not guarantee the communication terminal equipment, services and information provided by our partner companies. In addition, we do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, certitude, usefulness, etc. of communication terminal equipment, services and information provided by our partner companies.

2. We do not guarantee in any case caused by customer or third party's use abroad.

3. In addition to the reasons listed in each item of the preceding paragraph, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to customers or third parties by the OK CARD itself, regardless of the existence or extent of our negligence. We do not take any responsibility by this.

4. The Company shall not be liable in the event of a dispute between customers and our company and a partner company regarding the use of equipments, service or any imformation provided by our partner company, we do not take any responsibility and bear any expenses and damages.

5. The Company shall not pay any cost to the user, regardless of the cause, for any damages incurred as the user could not use the OK Card telephone number for the original purpose. There shall be no liability for damages, and the user shall consent in advance.

Article 9 (Expiration date)

The card has an expiration date, if the card has already expired, the card will no longer be usable regardless of the remaining amount.

The card is valid for one year from the date of payment.

Article 10 (Management of password etc.)

1. If the customer issues a user ID and password (hereinafter referred to as a password) to another customer from Asian Net, the customer must strictly and properly manage it and take sufficient care not to leak personal information and password.

2. For those who are trying to access various servers operated by our company (including the server of this service, hereinafter referred to as "Our server")
By asking for user ID and password when using a system (hereinafter referred to as a “password verification system”) to check whether the person has access authority. If the user string constituting the correct user ID and password and the character string constituting the input password respectively match, the user is treated as a user who has the access authority.

Article 11 (Prohibition of Transfer of Rights)

The customers may not transfer the right to receive an OK CARD to a third party, (unless agreed to( in accordance with the terms of Agreements.

Article 12 (Refund etc.)

Our company do not redeem, exchange, reissue or refund the Card.

Article 13 (Use of the card by a third party, etc.)

The user or owner of the Card shall manage the Card and the Card Number at his own risk. The Company shall not be liable for any loss, theft, or corruption of the Card and the Card Number, leaks to third parties, or unauthorized use by third parties.


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