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Now offering 3,000 yen worth of free international calls! Our staff speaking more than 12 countries will support your application process free of charge.


Steps after Application


After inquiry is received, application form is sent to you via FAX or email


Send filled out application form and alien registration certificate by FAX


FLET'S Hikari staff will visit your residence for modem set-up


Apply for FLET'S Hikari Send Inquiry Form by Email

Service Contents by Type

Family Type

Service Name

■NTT East Area: B FLET'S Hyper Family Type
■NTT West Area: FLET'S Hikari Premium Family

Service Contents

【Intended Users】 General households
Several subscribers share an optical cable (1Gbps)
*Subscription available also for those who live in multi-dwelling units.
*Maximum connection speed at your own residence is 100Mbps.

Mansion Type

Service Name

■NTT East Area: B FLET'S Mansion Type
■NTT West Area: FLET'S Hikari Premium Mansion

Service Contents

【Intended Users】 Those living in tenant/office buildings or multi-dwelling units
100Mbp is shared and used

Comparison of Specification by Plan

Maximum Transmission Speed No. of Terminals
Available for Connection
Family Type 1Gbps
(100Mbps at subscriber's residence)
Mansion Type 100Mbps 5

Connection speed is not guaranteed with this service. Depending on circumstances, there may be cases where service at maximum speed cannot be provided.

NTT East Rate Table (PDF file) NTT West Rate Table (PDF file)

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