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Transfer of Calling Balance

You can transfer calling amount balance to your family/friend's cards or telephone numbers!

Transfer of Calling Balance flow

Procedures for transferring calling balance

Please process dialing from a user registered telephone.

How to transfer 3,000 yen to a specific mobile phone
  • Balance transfer units are: 1,000 yen ・2,000 yen ・3,000 yen ・4,000 yen ・5,000 yen
  • A temporary access code is issued so the new user can use the transferred balance even without an OK card. (No notifications)
Important Notice
  • Balance of amount paid in by credit card cannot be transferred.
  • Balance on cards which have completed user registration can be used.
  • When processing by telephone, please use a caller's number registered telephone.
  • Usually the transferred amount is reflected immediately, but it may take some time depending on the connection circumstances.
  • Separate transfer fees are not charged.
  • Please refrain from processing the transfer from public phones (shared number among several others such as at dormitories, hotels, or companies)
  • Please be reminded that Asian Net will not be held responsible for any operational mistakes made.
  • No refunds are available after transferring the balance.

When processing from telephones subscribed with Hikari ONE, please use this access number.
Domestic callup connection to this number will not be charged and is convenient.

Things to Note
  • If recognized as calling out from a NTT line, a separate domestic calling fee will be charged up to the connection number of IP access.
  • There are no charges for the domestic callup to the access number. However, it will not be considered a free domestic call when using mobile phones.

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