International IP Calls

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With international IP calls...Easy to use! Low calling rates! You can spend more time with the people who mean the most to you!

  • International IP calls with knockout prices!
  • No basic charge or registration fee!
  • We also provide telephones at low price!

How to Place International IP Calls

050-3033-3577+Country Code+Area Code+Telephone Number

Steps after Getting OK Card & IP Telephone


First, dial (186)-03-4590-2008


Next, select the language of your choice.

(Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese)


Dial ID No. + press the # key


Finally, you will hear voice guidance stating your account balance.
Registration is complete.


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USB Mobile Phone

You need not be an expert on the PC, just plug the mobile phone into the USB port to use.
No troublesome set-ups (downloading, installation, etc.) are required.
A USB memory type which makes it easy to carry around.
Small but capable of delivering excellent sound quality equivalent to ordinary fixed-line telephones.


Purchase USB mobile phone. 3,970 yen (tax included)


Delivery to your home by express courier service 3 - 4 days after purchase.


Place a call with USB mobile phone.

Some free calls are included in your purchase package of USB mobile phones, so you can make calls before purchasing calling credits.


You want to use more of your USB mobile phone.


Process user registration and puchase calling credits.


Enjoy making convenient phone calls using the USB mobile phone.



What type of telephones are USB mobile phones?

USB mobile phones are the world's first USB memory type IP phones.
Not only is it low in cost, but it also has the advantage of not requiring bothersome installations. Just conveniently plug it into a USB port and it offers you high quality IP telephone service with low cost. It is extremely handy, since users can carry the USB mobile phone around easily and use it on any PC.

Can I place a call to telephones other than USB mobile phones?

Yes, you certainly can. In addition to other USB mobile phones, you can make calls to ordinary phones, PHS, mobile phones, and international lines worldwide.
Please note however that a caller's number will be displayed as "caller has blocked information." So telephone numbers/sets which reject this cannot receive the calls.
Also you cannot dial out to some special numbers, toll-free numbers, or to Navi Dial numbers (110, 119, 0120, 0570).

Does the USB mobile phone have a telephone number? What kind of number?

USB mobile phones are given one unique telephone number per set.
It is an 8 digit number, and is only valid between USBS.
You cannot choose your USB mobile telephone numbers.

Can I receive calls from ordinary telephones with ImPhone?

We are sorry, but this is not possible as of now.
We will notify you when such service becomes available.

Can I call 110, 119, 0120 (toll-free number) from USB mobile phone?

Currently these special numbers cannot be accessed.

Is it possible to use the phone overseas?

Yes, you can use it if you have a PC with WindowsXP, Windows2000 and internet access.
*Depending on your PC/network environment, you may not be able to use it as is.
*Return, replacement, etc. of item is only limited to areas within Japan.

How do I place a call from overseas to Japan?
What are the phone charges for this?

Dial out the number used in Japan, starting from the area code.
Country code is not required.
(eg) Calling from NY to Tokyo: 03-5545-****
When calling with USB mobile phones from overseas to Japan, phone charges for domestic calls are applied.
(eg) With fixed-line phones, nationwide flat rate of 8.3 yen / 3 min

How many types of USB mobile phones are there?

There is one product lineup as of present.

Is user registration required?

Free calling credits included in your initial purchase of USB mobile phone can be used without user registration. For usage after that, user registration is necessary.

What shall I do after using up the free calling credits?

Please purchase and recharge the calling balance from the USB mobile phone's website.
Click the calling amount charge button on the PC's USB mobile phone screen to go to the calling amount purchasing page on the USB mobile phone's website.

Can I use the USB mobile phone as USB memory?

Yes, you can.
But please do not make any changes to the folder storing USB mobile phone's program files.
It may disable the software.

Are other company's earphone products compatible?

We recommend you to use the provided USB mobile phone earphone.
Please note that other companys' earphones are out of our support scope.

As for network environment, can I use private IP network?

Yes, private IP environment can be used.
If there are problems with calls or image displays, click the "environment settings" button on the PC's USB mobile phone screen, and change it from automatic mode to root mode.
This may improve the quality of the calls and image displays.
*Calls may not work with some network environments (router).

What connection format does USB mobile phone adopt?

It adopts H323 protocol (*1) VoIP (*2) format.

*1 H.323 protocol is:
Used for deployment of video phones, and is a protocol specifying audio, image method, data compression/extension method, etc. to transmit/receive audio/videos 1-to-1 via the network.
Designed to support from VoIP to video conferences on network, and applied to a wide range of matters.
*2 VoIP is:
A technology to transmit/receive audio data utilizing TCP/IP network.
TCP/IP is a protocol (connection procedure) normally used for internets and intranets.

Where can I purchase USB mobile phones?

Please contact us at 03-3203-9611 to purchase USB mobile phones.

Can I change the name of ownership?

【Before user registration】
Yes, you can. At user registration, please register the name of the actual user.
【After user registration】
Please send a name change notification when changing the ownership.

Can I cancel/return the item?

Please contact us within 8 days after receipt of product. We cannot accept return of items after that.

How do I cancel the service?

Please contact us at 03-3203-9611.

What shall I do if I do not need it anymore?

If you don't wish to use it any longer, please notify us of the cancellation and dispose it as nonburnable waste.

What payment methods are available for the calling charges?

You can purchase prepaid calling charges by credit card or at convenience stores.
(For payment accepting credit cards, please confirm at purchase)

I would like to cancel the calling balance.

We are sorry, but cancellation of calling amount cannot be accepted.

How can I check whether the purchased calling balance is charged or not?

Please log in and confirm the remaining balance displayed on PC's USB mobile phone screen.
For amounts purchased while logged in, re-log in to check the balance.

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