Please contact us at TEL: 03-3203-9611 for any inquries about this page.

My international calls are not going through, What shall I do?

Please confirm that non-notification/non-notification rejection setting is deactivated.

I cannot make international calls from an IP telephone, Hikari Denwa, or public telephone.

From an IP telephone, Hikari Denwa, or public telephone, place your calls by first dialing

How can I check my calling balance?

Voice guidance for balance check is available at 03-4590-2020.

Is it ok to keep on using the number after MNP (Mobile Number Portability) processing, as long as numbers are the same?

Please contact us if you have done MNP. The calling rates may change if the alteration procedure is not processed at our side.

Payment at convenience store was not successful. What should I do?

Please contact us immediately.

I was not able to understand how to make a payment at LAWSON / Family Mart.

Please refer to the description about Loppi in our website's Payment Method section.

How can I make international calls using an analog line? It does not seem to work.

If you use an analog line, dial the * key before the telephone number you would like to call.

Voice guidance: "Please enter the ID No."

Your telephone number may be set as "caller blocked information."
Please dial 186 before the toll-free number.

Voice guidance: "ID No. is incorrect"

Your may be using an analog line. Please press the *key, select the language, and try again.

Voice guidance: "This account has expired" or "This account is invalid"

The service is automatically suspended if there is no usage within 3 year after payment. Please contact us via telephone to request for account re-activation.

After dialing the telephone number, it will ring once then give a busy signal.

Either the initial telephone registration was not processed, or the incorrect telephone number was registered. Please contact us at 03-3203-9611 to inform us of the correct number to be used for international calls.

When placing a call, it gets cut off immediately after ringing 1 - 2 times.

The call balance may be low or you may be calling the wrong number.

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