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Save domestic call charges using the same calling procedures as international calls! Flat rate 24 hours, anywhere in Japan

Domestic Calls

How to place calls to a Japanese mobile phone


*When placing a call, dial Japan's country code 81 followed by the number with the first 0 removed.

Steps after Applicatioin


Application complete


Free delivery of OK Card within 5 days

Step3 Step4

Initial telephone number registration

Just dial (186) 03-4590-2008 and follow the instructions!


Apply for Domestic Calls Send Inquiry Form by Email


  • Do not registering the telephone number of a public phone or of a shared use (dormitories, hotels, companies, etc.).
    If registration is completed, please be careful as others can use your card without your permission.
  • An identical access code cannot be used at the same time.
  • When changing a caller telephone number, please change or delete the caller number registration accordingly.
    If registration is not changed or deleted, please note that others may be able to use your card without your permission.
  • An overseas telephone number can also be registered as a caller number. (When using an access number from overseas)
    However, if you are not notified of a caller number due to local telephone line circumstances, language selection and access code entry procedures are required.
  • When registering an overseas telephone number as a caller number:
    Register "Country Code - Area Code (remove first 0) - Telephone Number"

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