Service Usage Caller Number Registration

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From a caller number registered telephone, language selection and access code entry procedures can be skipped when you place a call.
You can register for all of your phones with just one OK Card.

Caller Number Registration


First, dial (186) 03-4590-2008!


Next, select the language of your choice.
1. Japanese 2. English 3. Chinese 4. Thai 5. Indonesian 6. Vietnamese


Dial ID No. + press the # key


Finally, you will hear voice guidance stating your account balance. Registration is completed.


*Registration is also available from OK Card's 24 hours automatic voice guidance service.


  • Please refrain from registering the telephone number of a public phone or a shared use phone (dormitories, hotels, companies, etc.).
    If registration is processed, please be careful as others can use your card without your permission.
  • An identical ID No. cannot be used at the same time.
  • When changing a caller telephone number, please change or delete the caller number registration accordingly.
    If registration is not changed or deleted, please note that others may be able to use your card without your permission.

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