Mobile Phone Rental

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Further enhances communication in your company! Contributes also to cost reduction! We provide flexible support, according to your needs.

Mobile Phone Rental for Domestic Use (within Japan)

A mobile phone rental service for use within Japan.

Merits of Domestic Mobile Phone Rental Service

  • Free delivery!
  • Free issuance of calling statements!

Domestic Mobile Phone Rental Package

SoftBank 705 W-CDMA mobile phone set
(Japanese mobile phone with country code: 81)
Accessories: battery, 100V battery charger, carry case, Japanese user guide

*Depending on stock status, the provided model may differ from the above mentioned phone.

Mobile Phone for Domestic Calls

Rental Fees / Usage

Mobile phone rental fee 6,000 yen (6,300 yen including tax) / month
Mobile phone insurance fee Depends on model
Mobile phone delivery By mail
Payment method Credit card, advanced payment at convenience stores
Rental covering period From usage starting month to date returned
(service available from minimum 30 days rental)

Calling Charges

Available minutes included
in monthly fee
for exceeding time
Reception fee Free Free
Domestic calling charges 300 min. 50 yen / min.
International calling charges
*Depends on country of calling destination
0 30 yen / min.
SMS (Short Messaging Service)
*Maximum 70 two-byte characters / text
0 yen

*For video calls, a separate calling fee is charged.
*SMS charge to some overseas carriers are: 140 yen / text.

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