International VPN

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International Networking

International Networking flow

With partnerships with carriers worldwide, we support areas in more than 40 countries. We provide a low cost and secure private network (from network designing, building, and operation) to meet your business requirements. A one stop service including local carrier arrangements.

Provision of access points

When designing your international network, we build the optimal network for video conferences.
Support is provided for supply, installation, and set-up of necessary devices/equipment for visual communication with overseas offices.

Video conference service

A service enabling reliable connection to company intranets when on business trips or even at small-scale bases where permanent installation of a network is difficult.

Remote access environment implementation

We also support the creation of an in-house remote access environment.
It adopts secure authentication processing with certification, and encrypted communication that is available overseas.

International Networking flow

International Video Conference

Availabe in both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD).
Support also provided for delivery to overseas offices.

Remote Access

A monthly charged service that allows worldwide access points.

Having the advantage of operating various international cables, we apply MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology to provide the world's best international IP-VPN business virtual dedicated network service.
We also provide an exlusive business virtual network for overseas enterprise clients that supports various commnication transfers (voice, video, data, etc.).

Advantages of IP-VPN

  1. Worldwide connection, from anywhere
    We have created and set up a global network covering over 40 overseas bases.
    Furthermore, with the coordination of IP-VPN networking with the world's leading telecom companies, you can access overseas enterprise clients.
    It enables connection with areas wordwide: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, USA, UK, Holland, etc.
  2. Security of multiple cable routers
    With high-quality optical undersea cables (APCN2, China-US, SMW3, TPE, etc.), capable of deliverying a broadband network. We are also equipped with multiple backup routers to secure a connection without failures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  3. Long-term partnerships with telecom carriers worldwide
    Active in major global telecom organizations (PPM, PTC, etc.), building long-term ties with carriers worldwide to sustain an absolute edge to support your business development.
  4. No. 1 overseas network coverability, diverse access services
    Asian Net holds the No.1 networking capability, providing various access services (ADSL, FTTB, etc.).
  5. Provision of integrated solutions to overseas enterprise clients
    We provide an integrated solution to your network and facilities so as to fulfill your total solution needs.

Four Major Features of International IP-VPN

  1. High Functionality: Smooth
    Most-advanced MPLS technology is used to provide a global IP-VPN network for overseas enterprise clients regardles of time and location.
    Alignment of intranets, extranets, and internet services will enable greater communication speed.
  2. High Quality: Industry-leading level products
    Backbone is connected with ultra-high-speed routers, creating the most secure network design where networks can be built from anywhere without intrusion of hackers.
    24 hour network control and reports are provided to our business clients.
    QOS service grade and excellent SLA guarantee are provided according to the different needs of various enterprises.
  3. Economical: Cost saving and highly beneficial
    Through a fully-equipped IP-VPN, our business clients can save communication costs and overseas enterprise network building costs.
    We identify your communication needs and provide a cohesive service and solution.
  4. Professional Service: Deliberate expert service
    OSS (One Stop Shopping) is provided, where clients can select SEO (Single End Ordering), SEB (Single End Billing), and/or SEFR (Single End Fault Reporting).
    Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to fully support your network security.
    Our diligent and professional customer manager will design an integrated solution for the most ideal and scalable business network to meet your communication needs, communication range, and connection methods.
Asian Net provides the following data services to fulfill your various connection needs
  1. International leased line (IPLC) service
    Provision of high-quality and reliable leased line service to overseas business clients' domestic and overseas offices. A communication service for voice, video, and data.
  2. Global internet gateway (TWGate) service
    Provision of line network and system to overseas enterprise clients. In connection with internet, we provide users with remote registration, email, data transfer, public data services, intenet forums, information searches, catalog inquiries and other services.

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