Global Roaming

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Receive calls placed to your telephone number in Japan from overseas. 
No need to go through the trouble of informing others of your overseas travel or business trips before your departure.

How to Use


Apply for the call forwarding service to your subscribing telephone company.

*Application is required to use the international call forwarding service.

When using the OK Card call forwarding access number, domestic calling fees up to the access numbers Tokyo (03), Osaka (06), Yokohama (045), Kawasaki (044) will be charged to the subscriber. Please select the number nearest to your residing area.

Register to the caller number with OK Card: the telephone number which calls are to be forwarded from (telephone number in Japan).


Register the telephone number of the forwarding destination (overseas).

International roaming mobile phones subscribed to in Japan cannot be set up as the forwarding destination.
After call forwarding is set-up, calls placed to your Japanese number will be transferred overseas.


Monthly Basic Charge: 1,500 yen / line (tax included)

Apply for the International Call Forwarding Service Send Inquiry Form by Email


  1. When using this service, the monthly fee for your subscribing telephone company's call forwarding service, and the domestic calling charges from the forwarding source to the call forwarding access number, will be billed from your subscribing telephone company. A fee-based access charge will be applied for fees to the forwarding destination, and charged to your OK Card balance.
  2. OK Card's speed dial number and caller number can be regsitered / changed from overseas, via the website and the OK Card 24 hour voice guidance services.
  3. Service not available for forwarding calls within Japan.
  4. Service available with OK Cards holding sufficient balance.
  5. No additional service fees.
  6. Even if calls do not get connected, customers are charged domestic calling fees up to the call forwarding access number.
  7. Depending on the subscribing telephone companies, completion of procedures may take some time after applying for the call forwarding service.
  8. When using the international call forwarding service, please suspend voice mail services and set the caller number identification.
  9. After returning to Japan, please deactivate the call forwarding settings.


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