Job Opportunity

With staffs from more than 10 countries, our bilingual working environment allows you to work while learning various cultures!!
A rich international company climate supporting staffs to work freely and at ease.

Incentive system adopted!!
Staffs from all nationalities are increasing their achievements and receiving compensation which meet their efforts.
Opportunities are increasing along with the future expansion of international telecommunications business.

<Job Description>
- Corporate sales regarding international telecommunications
- Domestic business trips for introducing international telephone service to clients from various nationalities
- Planning and operation of international telecommunications business for 10 + countries
- System administration

<Required Experiences, Skills, etc.>
- Sales experience (any line of business)
- Experience of working with foreigners
- Speaking skill: Japanese + Asian language
We welcome applicants who apply to any of the above!

7F Yubun Bldg. 2-17-6, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

<Language Skill>
We welcome applicants who are competent in speaking Japanese, Asian language (only native language ok)

<Model Annual Salary>
2.4 mil yen ~ 4 mil yen (experience and achievements considered)
Part-time: 800 yen ~ per hour

Fixed + Incentive system
Comfortable working system for those without experiences!
Promotion available

<Type of Employment>
Full-time/ Part-time employee
Two day-off a week (Sat/Sun)
Working hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00 (Negotiable)